Latitude Surveying Ltd was established in Tauranga 2003. Initially our expertise was directed at residential property, to create and define title boundaries. Through the leadership of Trevor Davey, Managing Director, the company has evolved to become a leader in the Bay of Plenty area and beyond, catering to first-time land developers as well as larger commercial developments.



Latitude Surveying Ltd is committed to hiring, developing and looking after great staff. We keep up to date with technology, both in the field and in the office, ensuring customer focus and that work is delivered accurately and within deadlines.

The ‘team approach’ culture we have developed is essential for identifying and delivering improved practices, sharing expertise, quality control and peer review, ensuring the best solution for the client is found.

Strong Relationships

Latitudes team have developed strong relationships with local authorities and departments, as well as working relationships with Engineers, Lawyers, Architects, Builders & Site-work Contractors, and other related Professionals.


Latitude Surveying Ltd has invested in modern precise survey equipment which includes a Leica 1103 plus (3 second) total station and the latest Leica ‘Smartfix’ GPS equipment (integrated with Glonass). We utilise a range of computer software to manage our survey calculations, plan draughting and design; to database management and accounting. We use 12D software for surveying and engineering tasks and Autocad software for draughting and final plan issue.

Quality Assurance System

Our company invested in the Consulting Surveyors Quality Corporation Certification Pty Ltd (CSQC), Quality Assurance System in 2011. It is a Cadastral Survey Quality Assurance System designed for the New Zealand survey environment.

Since purchasing and implementing our Quality Assurance System we have developed it into a larger system to enable rigorous QA across all our office processes. This includes an audit and review of use, structure and improvement every 12 months.